Windsurfing and Kitesurfing in Western Australia

Welcome to the Windsurfing and Kitesurfing in Western Australia Site. This site describes the locations of Australia's best Windsurfing Locations.

The aim of these pages is to provide useful information for people that want to visit and sail the area. I believe that the area provides some of the best windsurfing in Australia.

The descriptions of the resources described are generally from first hand experience. I do not guarantee the currency of all the information, and will update it with changed details as they come to my notice.

The page has been constructed without any commercial alliances or sponsorship. The people/places/shops referenced are those with which I have dealt and had good experiences. Your mileage may vary. I have included some advertising type stuff where it is useful to the intent of the pages. It is fairly obvious.

I have been sailing wave boards for over twenty years, with little slalom and race board experience, and the comments and recommendations are made from that standpoint. I have also been kitesurfing for about 15 years and believe that this sport is a great adjunct to sailboarding. WA provides some magnificent kiting locations, some of which are described on this site.

Comments, corrections etc are welcome, please email

I would be interested in hearing from you if you find the information useful.

CONSTRUCTThis page is being heavily edited and added to currently (July 2023)