Wave Sailing Rules

Sailing safely in waves requires adherence to a certain set of immutable rules. The wave riding rules are aimed at making wave riding safer and more enjoyable for all. They are largely taken from surfing rules, with some additions, applicable only to sailboards.

These rules are universally accepted around the world. If you abide by them, you will have little trouble with other sailors in the waves. If you don't, you will have some very angry sailors confronting you on the beach.

There is contention between kitesurfers and windsurfers, especially in the surf. Kites are dangerous when on the water (i.e. crashed). Generally I try and keep down wind of the sailboarders, in case I make a mistake. Also I will give the sailboarder the upwind course (i.e. go down wind a little to allow them to go upwind). The reason for this is that generally kites go upwind much more easily than sailboards.

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