Margaret River Sailboarding Shops

M argaret River is the home of Delta Design, a board manufacturer of renown throughout Western Australia. Delta design build custom and production sailboards, surfboards and kiteboards of high quality. Martin, the owner of Delta Design, is a long time sailor and sails the area regularly.

Martin has a great knowledge of board design and construction. He appears to be a perfectionist with his board manufacturing, and is always looking for innovation in his designs. Talking to him you realise that there is a lot of effort and time going into his work.If you were looking to buy a new board for your WA sailing, Delta Design would have to be a major contender.

Martin designs and custom shapes at his home in Margaret River (picture) and the finishing is done at his main factory in town (picture). In this factory they will also do sailboard and surfboard repairs.

There are no sailboarding shops in Margaret River. Some of the surf shops sell Delta Design boards, but there appears to be little other hardware available.

Delta Design have their own web page.

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