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Windsurfing Perth Windsurfing Perth (Perth)

They stock Pryde and North sails (picture) , and have a large quantity in stock (picture) , as well as all the usual hardware (picture).

Reg, (picture) a sailboarding identity in WA, owns the shop. Reg is knowledgable an helpful with all your requirements as are all the staff. Well worth a visit if you need to buy something. I have bought most of my windsurfing gear there over the last few years.

Contact Details are here.

Kite Addiction (Perth)

Kite addiction is the kite shop associated with Windsurfing Perth. It is run by Daniel and is situated on the upper level of Windurfing Perth.

Kite Addiction deals mainly in Cabrinha, Naish and Gaastra. Its stock is quite extensive and is a must visit place for your kiting requirements.

Their web page is here.

Simmerstyle (Perth)

Simmerstyle is a shop in O'Connor (near Fremantle). It has a good range of boards and sails as seen in their web page. There is new and used gear at good prices. Well worth browsing their page and possible ring Jesper to discuss all posibilities.

WA Sail Repair (Perth)

WA Sail repair is an adjunct to SimmerStyle. It is in the same building and specializes in Windsurf and kite repairs. The web page is here.

The Sail Doctor (Perth)

The Sail Doctor is a well respected kite and sail repairer. His facebook page is here.

2nd Wind Sailboards Second Wind (Perth)

2nd Wind sailboards have a large range of new Mistral an Starboard boards (picture) and second hand boards (picture) They also sell new Tushingham and KA sails, as well as having a large stock of second hand sails (picture). They also provide lessons (at Applecross) and have hire gear. Call in and speak to Jez (picture).

Contact details can be found here.

Airborne Kitesurfing (Perth)

Airborne Kitesurfing is mainly (completely?) a Windrush distributor. They stock a large amount of gear however and have some cheap deals.

Their web site can be viewed here. here.

SurfSail Australia Surfsail (Perth)

SurfSail Australia has a large inventory of Windsurfing, kitesurfing and surf gear.

They have new and second hand gear, such as Goya and Ezzy Sails, Goya boards and masts and booms to suit most people.

They are also the distributor of Thule roof racks, and will hire roof racks out for most makes of cars at reasonable rates. This is very useful for those doing the Windsurfari with hire cars. It should be noted that the addition of roof racks to hire cares may void insurance contracts. It is useful to check on that.

They have a comprehensive and useful web page. On this page you can find out about all their services, from new and used gear sales, gear hire, lessons, etc.

Werner's Hot Spot (Lancelin)

Werner's Hot Spot is a gear hire business in Lancelin. If you want to sail in Lancelin, and don't want to bring you own gear, then Werner has all the gear for you. Werner's service is very convenient and reasonably priced. You can exchange boards and sails as the conditions require, and the gear is there and set up for you when you want it.

You need to contact Werner with your requirements before going to Lancelin, he does not have the same presence on the beach as he has had for several years.

His web page is available here.

There are several other sailboard shops in Perth and surrounding suburbs. The local 'Yellow Pages' details many sailboard shops, and is worth a try if the suggestions above can't meet your requirements. The Australian Yellow PagesYellow Pages is available on line. Note that you want to specify the state as WA.

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