Phone Numbers

In this document, there are several contact details listed. A lot carry phone numbers. Sometimes they look like

    +61 8 9965 1234

The +61 is the international code for Australia. The 8 is the area code. If dialing from within Australia, 08 is dialed. If from outside Australia, only the 8 is dialed. The last 8 digits are the actual phone number.

Sometimes phone numbers are written

	(08) 9965 1234

This form is the internal form for Australia. If dialing internationally the number is transformed to

	+61 8 9965 1234

as described previously.

Telephone Directories

The Australian White Pages (phone directory) and Yellow Pages Yellow Pages (commercial phone directory) are available on line. These are excellent resources for identifying and resources in the area. You should remember to set the state to WA, since the directories cover the whole of Australia.

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