Traveling to Western Australia

The West Australian coast reaches some 3000km. The area being described in the following pages is that from Esperance (about 750km south of Perth) to Carnarvon (about 1000km north of Perth). Most people fly into Perth. This picture shows Perth city from the air. This picture shows the city of Perth as seen from across the Swan River (taken in Applecross).

The domestic airlines in Australia will carry boards and sails as luggage if the weight is not too great (it is best to keep the weight of each luggage item less than 20 kg). Sometimes you may be charged excess baggage at about AU$20 per extra bag. Needless to say, all gear needs to be well packaged with bubble wrap etc. Also, it can help to offer to help carry the gear onto the trolleys (at some of the smaller airports).

I have no idea about the efficacy of flying boards into Australia on international flights, but urban myth reports that several airlines will not take gear at all, and some people have been caught out, expecting to take their gear, and finding that they couldn't at the last moment. That being said, there is the opportunity of buying and hiring excellent gear as described in the following pages.

Crossing the Nullabor

If you live on the East coast of Australia, you should drive across the Nullabor at least once. It is quite a trip, and well worth the experience.

My roving reporters Baz & Champers have done that and some information that they found is described here.

Andrew Watkins drove across the Nullabor and has written an excellent description of his trip across. It is well worth reading, with some excellent advice.

Australian Visa Requirements

If you are coming from other countries, you will very possibly require a Visa. Visas are generally granted for a period of either 3 or 6 months, and are valid for 12 months. There are exceptions. More complete information can be found at the Department of Immigration and Multi-cultural Affairs site. This site also has the link to the electronic visa application form. All is explained there in detail.

Western Australia Covid-19 requirements

With the advent of Covid-19 there are also some more requirements mandated by the Western Australian government. They can be found here

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