Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay lies about 266 km north of Perth, and is about 40km north of Cervantes. The best way to get there is along Indian Ocean Drive.

Jurien Bay is a small quiet town, with a few shops, a hotel, an air strip and a caravan park. It includes an extensive marina and boat launching ramp

Sailboard Shops

There are no sailboard shops in Jurien. Thus it is necessary to make sure that you have all your gear when you go there.


There are some rental properties in Jurien (details of some are listed below), however there is also a nice Caravan Park. The park is nicely grassed and has some trees for shelter. The toilets etc. are clean. Generally it appears to be a well run park. I have stayed there on a few occasions. Their web page details the park and activites in the area.

Other Possibilities

I have not stayed at the majority of the places listed below. They are listed as possibilities if you want somewhere to stay in Jurien.

Jurien Bay Caravan Park
Roberts Road - 9652 1595

Jurien Bay Hotel
Padbury Street - 9652 1022

Jurien Beach Front Units
13 Cook St. - 9652 1022

Top Spot Cottages
Bashford Street - 9653 1290

Jurien Chalets
8 Dalton Street - 9652 1064

Sailing Locations.

Jurien Bay, as the name indicates, has a small bay to the west of the main street. The usual wind is a South Westerly, which is cross wind, that sometimes can be a little flukey off the main beach. The bay is however flanked to the south by a sailable beach, that gets the cross wind nicely.

There are reefs offshore that limit the swell that comes in to the area. This fact means that the area is really a flat water sailing spot. There are several Islands off shore (before the reef) and it can be quite fun blasting out to them across the flat bay.

This album shows some pictures taken around Jurien.

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