Lancelin provides some magnificant kitesurfing conditions.

That being said, it is also a great windsurfing spot, and there is some contention between the windsurfing and kitesurfing fraternity.

Generally it is best to keep separation between the disciplines, since kitesurf gear can be dangerous to other water users.

Basically flat water (and some wave) kitesufing is done to the south of the main windsurfing beach as well as down at North Point.

Generally it is best not to kitesurf in the main windsurfing area out from the 'Park' or out at Main Break. The whole setup is fairly obvious whe you see it.

Makani Kai Kiteboarding

Makani Kai Kiteboarding is a new kitesurfing school set up by Al and Kel. 2010-2011 will be their first season.

They provide ab initio to advanced lessons as well as gear hire. Their web page provides details of their school.

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